Day: June 6, 2020

Remember George Floyd was murdered in Minneapolis but don’t forget the three men lynched in Duluth

We are fast approaching the 100th anniversary of one of the worst lynchings in U.S. history. And it reminds some of us what recently happened to George Floyd. The murders of three black men—Elias Clayton, Elmer Jackson, and Isaac McGhie—occurred on June 15, 1920, in Duluth, Minnesota. Clayton, Jackson and McGhie were in town working various jobs for the John[Read More…]


Los Angeles and San Francisco set out to cut their police departments’ budgets

  The murder of George Floyd, which has sparked demonstrations worldwide, is the catalyst The mayors of San Francisco and Los Angeles have announced they will shift funds from their police departments to their African American communities or minority communities that for decades have suffered because of disinvestment. The announcements follow days of peaceful protests and some times violent demonstrations[Read More…]