Common discusses being sexually abused in his new book

The entertainer Common wrote that he was sexually molested as a boy

In R. Kelly’s earlier book, he, too, discusses being sexually abused

by Frederick H. Lowe


Common, the Chicago-based actor, and rapper has published a book detailing how he was sexually molested as a child.

The book,  titled “Let Love Have the Last Word,” is a memoir by Common, who has won a Grammy for his music and an Oscar for his acting, describes how he was sexually molested by a cousin when he was 9 or 10 years old.

Now 47, Common buried the painful memories in his mind.  It wasn’t until two years ago while practicing a scene with actress and friend Laura Dern that the painful memories of being violated came back to him.

He is the second musician who has written about being molested as a child. R. Kelly, a three-time Grammy winner, wrote in “Soulacoaster: The Diary of Me,” his 2012 autobiography, that he was sexually molested for several years beginning as a young boy by an older black woman.

Singer, songwriter R. Kelly wrote in his autobiography that he was sexually molested as a boy by an older black woman.

CBS “Morning Show” host Gayle King did not discuss that part of his life during a special televised interview in which King focused on Kelly dating young girls. Kelly exploded on the air, and the conversation became a hit with white viewers who are fans of King.

The website “Healthy Place” reports that 1 in 6 black men report having been sexually abused as children.

About 14 percent of all young victims of sexual assault are male, according to police reports.

While men commit the majority of the sexual violations of boys, it is estimated that women commit twenty percent of sexual abuse of boys. Among African Americans, homophobia perpetuates the denial of sexual abuse of boys, the website reported.


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