Kanye West Admitted to a Psychiatric Unit

After a series of bizarre events, including abruptly canceling his national concert tour, rapper Kanye West was admitted to a hospital for observation, according to several news reports.

Kayne West
Kayne West

He was admitted Monday to the psychiatric unit of Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center after police received a medical welfare call.

The admission occurred after West verbally attacked fellow music star Beyonce, someone he has both supported and defended in the past.  He also attacked Jay Z, Beyonce’s husband.  West is a partner with Jay Z in Tidal, a  music-streaming label.

While performing on Thursday in a concert in San Jose, West said he did not vote in the presidential election, told the audience he would have voted for Republican Donald Trump, which led the audience to boo him. He also said that blacks needed to stop talking about racism.

During a concert on Saturday in Sacramento, Calf., West performed two songs before stopping and walking off the stage, ending the concert.

He has been under a lot of pressure and is reportedly exhausted and sleep deprived.

Last month, he stopped his Queens, N.Y., concert to rush to the side of his wife Kim Kardashian, who had been robbed at gunpoint in Paris.

The robbery has put a lot of pressure on the couple’s marriage because Kardashian has not been able to provide much support because she is dealing with her own problems since the holdup, say several sources.

West’s seeming erratic behavior has been in evidence before. In 2009, he interrupted singer Taylor Swift’s award acceptance speech at the MTV video music awards, insisting that her award should have been given instead to Beyoncé, who was more talented.


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