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Ken Burns documentary about Country Music shows how blacks changed the industry

Ken Burns’ PBS documentary “Country Music,” which first aired this week and continues next week, spotlights DeFord Bailey, a black man, who was the first star of the Grand Ole Opry.  The documentary also explores the role African Americans played in the development of the county music, which is usually associated with whites, many of them racist as hell. Much[Read More…]


United Auto Workers strike General Motors

The United Auto Workers Monday morning went on strike at General Motors, the first labor walkout at the Detroit automaker since 2007. However, both sides said they resumed negotiations Monday afternoon to end the strike. It is not known how much progress has been made. Some 46,000 hourly workers hit the picket lines at 55 plants nationwide. The workers want[Read More…]

Black home ownership plummets

  lenders deny mortgages to African Americans at twice the rate of of whites   By Hazel Trice Edney ( – The new “commander and chief” of Black Homeownership in America has released a new strategy for raising the numbers that have plummeted to percentages below the time of the Fair Housing Act of 1968. But accomplishing that fete could[Read More…]

Oh, Brother ! Oh, Sister!

By Frederick H. Lowe BlackmansStreet.Today The spotlight was once focused entirely on world-class gymnast Simone Biles and on NBA star Kawhi Leonard for their world-class accomplishments. However, the attention is now focused on their siblings for the crimes they are accused of committing. Cleveland police have charged Tevin Biles-Thomas, Simone Biles’ brother with three counts of murder for a deadly[Read More…]

50 years later, black University of Wyoming football players score a touchdown

School apologizes for kicking off team members who wanted to wear black armbands in a game against Brigham Young University   By Frederick H. Lowe BlackmansStreet.Today   The University of Wyoming has installed a plaque honoring 14 African American football players 50 years after they were kicked off the team not for smoking, drinking, smoking pot, or assaulting coeds, but[Read More…]

Robert Mugabe, leader of Zimbabwe, is dead

Mugabe earned seven academic degrees, including a law degree from the University of London. He was one of the world’s most-educated leaders Robert Mugabe, long-term president of Zimbabwe, who was condemned and punished by Western nations for transferring fertile farmland seized by whites to blacks during British colonial rule of the country, then known as Rhodesia, has died. Mr. Mugabe,[Read More…]

Joan Johnson, cofounder of Johnson Products Co.

After George and Joan Johnson divorced, she sold the company to Ivax Corp. for $60 million, which led to the couple’s reconciliation   Joan B. Johnson, who cofounded Johnson Products, the Chicago-based black hair care products company, with her husband, George Johnson, has died. Mrs. Johnson, who was 89, died Friday from a combination of the medical ailments, stemming from[Read More…]

University of the Bahamas students displaced by Hurricane Dorian can attend Hampton University

University of the Bahamas students displaced by Hurricane Dorian can enroll for free at Hampton University this semester as part of an agreement between the two schools. Students from the University of the Bahamas also will receive free room and board for the 2019 Fall semester, officials of both schools announced. Classes began September 3. Dr. William R. Harvey, Hampton’s[Read More…]

Black unemployment rate was 5.5 percent in August, down from 6.0 percent in July

  Jobless rate increases for black men but drops for black women The nation’s nonfarm companies added a lower than expected 130,000 jobs in August, pushing the jobless rate among black men up slightly. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported Friday the jobless rate for black men 20 and older was 5.9 percent. This compares with 5.8 percent in July[Read More…]

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