Black sports superstars are still just niggers to some white fans

Recent and past incidents illustrate the hatred

The Boston Celtics banned a fan from attending home games for two years after he called DeMarcus Cousins, center/forward for the Golden State Warriors a nigger during a contest between the teams at TD Garden, the Celtics’ home court.

The fan mouthed the word “nigger” to Cousins during the Warriors win over the Celtics on January 6.

Supporters of the punishment said the ban did not go far enough. They want the so-far-unnamed fan banned for life.

That’s what happened to Shane Keisel, a fan of the Utah Jazz, during a March 14 game between the team and the Oklahoma City Thunder, led by Russell Westbrook.

Keisel told Westbrook to “get down on your knees like you are used to.”

It was not a turn-the-other-cheek moment for Westbrook, who told Keisel he would beat his ass. The team banned Keisel, but Westbrook also was fined $25,000 for swearing and threatening a paying customer.

Members of the NBA are not the only ones who have been threatened, mocked and called demeaning names by white fans.

Several years ago, Bryant Gumbel reported on white fans calling black football (soccer) players in Europe niggers. The abuse still continues.

Whites attending the Spanish Grand Prix dressed in blackface to insult Lewis Hamilton

It has even extended to Formula 1 Racing, which is dominated by Lewis Hamilton. a black British driver.

During a Spanish Grand Prix, fans dressed in blackface, curly wigs,  and white T-shirts that  read “Lewis Hamilton’s Family.”



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