Legesse wins 2019 Tokyo Marathon, but fuchsia-colored running shoes dominate the race

Fuschia running shoes had their run of the Toyko’s 2019 Marathon

Berhanu Legesse won Sunday’s 2019 Tokyo Marathon, but fuchsia running shoes dominated the race.

Legesse of Ethiopia crossed the finish line in persistent rain and low temperatures at 2: 04: 48, wearing fuchsia-colored running shoes. Bedan Karoki, of Kenya who finished second, also wore fuchsia running shoes.

Early in the race run through Tokyo’s streets, the runners were tightly grouped before the eventual leaders would break away from the pack, fuchsia running shoes were everywhere. Sure there were black, white, blue and green running shoes but the brightly colored fuchsia running shoes were hard to miss.

I attempted to contact the Tokyo Marathon office to inquire about the unusually colored shoes, but I had no luck reaching anyone.

I emailed the Japan Times and hopefully, a reporter will provide me with an answer. I don’t watch marathons often so fuchsia running may be the new norm. I may have just missed it.



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