Louisville police arrest man at Breonna Taylor protest rally

Louisville police arrested Steven Nelson Lopez on Saturday for shooting to death a man during a protest rally for Breonna Taylor who was shot to death in her apartment by police.

One of the protesters shot Lopez in the leg on Saturday, and he had to be hospitalized, Robert Schroeder, interim chief of Louisville Metropolitan Police Department, said during a news conference.

Lopez shot and killed Tyler Charles Gerth, a photographer, during the protest that was held in Jefferson Park in downtown Louisville.

Lopez had been participating in the protests, but he had been asked to leave by others because he was so disruptive. When he started shooting his gun, some members of the audience fired at him while others dove for cover. Police charged him with murder and wanton endangerment.

Breonna Taylor, 26, was shot to death March 13, in her apartment by three plainclothes police officers using a “no knock warrant” to break into her home. Taylor, an EMT., was shot eight times.

Chief Shroeder fired Detective Brett Hankison, one of the officers.

None of the officers have been charged Taylor’s death. Demonstrations have been held, demanding that all of the officers be fired and charged with her murder.



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