Real Men Cook to go virtual

Real Men Cook, which celebrates black fathers on Father’s Day, June 21, will be held virtually this year because  the coronavirus pandemic requires social distancing.
This is the 31st year for Real Men Cook, and it will be held from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m.
The Board of Directors Real Men Charities, the parent organization of Real Men Cook, will bring the fun and festivities to the public through Facebook Live, Zoom, Satellite Radio, and partnerships with a variety of print and social media outlets.
Broadcast partner, radio station 95.1 FM Chicago will bring a global reach to the celebration to international markets in Europe and South America. Ramonski Luv, morning show host for 95.1, will hold conversations about fathers, the importance of father figures, parenting, and mentoring.
Reporters also will visit Atlanta, Philadelphia, Savannah, Georgia, Harlem, New York, and Chicago.
The three-hour virtual event also will attend Father’s Day celebrations in Paris and Brazil. The format also will include talking with chefs from Haiti, the Bahamas, Ghana, and Jamaica.
Yvette Moyo, a co-founder of Real Men Charities, allows Real Men Cook to adapt to confinement required by the coronavirus. For additional information, visit


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