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Restaurant employee allegedly stabs black businessman who asked permission to use the bathroom

A Bahamian businessman has cautioned his country’s residents to be on their guard while visiting the U.S. after he was stabbed by an Arab restaurant employee while attempting to use the bathroom.

Fawaz Zarif Hassan, who is Muslim,  slashed Harold Williams, a manager of Bahamasair,  on his left cheek on Saturday as he walked to the rear of Pines Market restaurant in Pembroke, Florida,

Williams had asked and received permission to use the bathroom.

Police arrested Hassan,  a  24-year-old employee of the family-owned business.  Police charged him with one count of causing bodily harm or disability. It is a second-degree felony but it is not a hate crime as Williams, and his lawyer wanted.
Hassan followed Williams to the rear of the restaurant before stabbing him. Williams ran next door to an immediate care medical clinic.  Medical professionals treated him for a three-inch stab wound.
Hassan claimed Williams opened the restaurant’s back door without permission before entering the establishment. Hassan claims he was forced to defend himself.

Police said Williams was not armed and they did not provide an explanation for the nearly deadly assault.

Williams wants the Bahamian government to issue a travel advisory for the United States.

Others want the restaurant boycotted,  calling it a racist establishment.

“This nice family owned” place is responsible for stabbing an innocent black man in the face for asking to use the bathroom! Workers at the store attacked this man for simply asking to use the restroom. He was then told to never return again! It’s all over the news! Unfortunate I cannot post a link simply google pines market stabbing. This place needs to be shut down! RACIST!!!!!!!!! MURDEROUS FAMILY!!!, “wrote one man.



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