Google parent asked to report on gender and racial pay gap


By Rosemary Eng


SUNNYVALE, CALIFORNIA – African American entrepreneur Sky Kelley asked the management team of Alphabet Inc. for improved reporting on the corporation’s global median, gender and racial pay gap to better expose inequality in its treatment of employees.

Kelley, representing Time’s Up, made her remarks at the June 19 shareholders meeting of Alphabet Inc. which is the parent company of Google and some of its former subsidiaries. She also is founder and CEO of Avisare, a Los Angeles-based computer, software and procurement firm.

Sky Kelley spoke at Google’s parent company annual meeting about pay equity

Time’s Up, a women’s advocacy group, addresses sexual harassment and inequality in the workplace. While Kelley focused on the plight of women, saying “our struggle is only made worse when companies like Google refuse to release data about equal pay and equal opportunity, also known as the median pay gap, ” her comment was the only one which also addressed the broader issue of racial equality in the workplace.

“Black women make 60 cents on the dollar and Latinas only 55 cents. This means over the course of a career half a million dollars. That’s owning a home, that’s sending our kids to college, that’s being able to retire and retire with stability.

“While we commend Google for taking a first step last year when it published statistically adjusted equal pay for equal work numbers, we request more. “We ask that you report on the global median gender and racial pay gap so you can do the right thing by working to close it.”

Also at the meeting a representative of SumOfUs advocating for democracy and fair treatment of workers, asked Alphabet about the status of Project Dragonfly which some employees have indicated would be a censored search engine made for China.

Tibetan, Uighur and Chinese rights activists demonstrated outside the shareholders meeting venue citing China’s human rights abuses.

SumOfUs sought a commitment to not working with China as long as

censorship conditions exist.

Alphabet management replied there are no plans to offer a search engine in China.




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