Fifty Years of Economic Futility

By James Clingman ( – During the fifty year period from 1963 (“I have a dream!”) to 2013, Black people have been on a virtual economic treadmill.  Our relative economic position has not changed; our unemployment rate has consistently been twice as high as the White unemployment rate, which was 5% for Whites and 10.9% for Blacks in 1963, and[Read More…]


Black-owned Firms Participate in Apple and Microsoft Bond Offerings

by Frederick H. Lowe Three African American-owned companies participated in multi-billion debt offerings by Apple Inc. and Microsoft Corp., and Rev. Jesse Jackson, Jr. of Operation PUSH in Chicago hailed the deals as breakthroughs for business diversity. The Williams Capital Group, LP, a New York City-based full-service investment firm that caters to institutional investors and corporate clients, participated in the[Read More…]

Don’t Take Away the Ladder to Success for Aspiring Minority Small Business Owners

  By Djenane Bartholomew Every day my husband and I make decisions that affect the lives of 450 people and their families. It’s a lot of responsibility but above all a labor of love. It is all part of being local franchise owners and living our American dream. The franchise model has been a gateway for millions of people over[Read More…]

McDonald’s Arches Are No Longer Golden for Black CEO Thompson

He retires after less than three years on the job By Frederick H. Lowe The Board of Directors of McDonald’s Corp., the world’s largest restaurant chain, announced on Wednesday that Don Thompson, the company’s president and chief executive officer, will retire March 1. Thompson, who was named CEO in July 2012, also announced that he also is retiring from McDonald’s[Read More…]

Black Men’s Jobless Rate Drops but Remains High

By Frederick H. Lowe The unemployment rate for African-American men 20 years old and older dropped slightly in December compared to November, but the jobless rate for black men still remains twice as high as that of other major worker groups, which includes whites, Hispanics and Asians. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported on Friday that last month’s unemployment[Read More…]

NNPA President, Benjamin Chavis

As NNPA Prepares for 75th Anniversary: President Envisions Black Press as ‘Main Stream’

By Hazel Trice Edney ( Civil rights leader Benjamin Chavis, now president of the National Newspaper Publishers Association, says he envisions Black newspapers as becoming the “new mainstream” rather than an alternative press as it is often called. “The Black Press, I believe has an opportunity where it can make even more traction than it has in the past,” Chavis[Read More…]