Deadly police shootings

Former cop shoots to death unarmed black man, collects $36,000 in back pay and has her record expunged

By Frederick H. Lowe Betty Shelby, a former Tulsa, Oklahoma, cop, hasn’t skipped a beat since shooting to death an unarmed black man. Shelby shot to death Terence Crutcher, a motorist who had his hands in air on  September 16, 2016, after his SUV stalled. Shelby claimed she shot Crutcher for two reasons. He was reaching inside his vehicle and[Read More…]


White former cop convicted of manslaughter in the killing of his daughter’s black boyfriend

A white former Tulsa, Oklahoma, cop has been convicted of first-degree manslaughter, not murder, for shooting to death his daughter’s unarmed black boyfriend. A jury reached the verdict on Wednesday, October 18th. Shannon Kepler shot to death Jeremy Lake, 19, on August 5, 2014. Three previous juries did not convict Kepler of murder, but the first jury found Kepler guilty[Read More…]

Report: blacks concerned about police brutality are thought be potential  terrorists

By Frederick H. Lowe The Trump administration, FBI and police unions have labeled black men and black women who are concerned, angry and distressed about the steady stream of news stories about white cops shooting to death unarmed black men and not being held accountable for their actions, as possible terrorists who need watching because they may resort to violence[Read More…]

White cop is acquitted of murdering a black man

  By Frederick H. Lowe A former St. Louis police officer, who told his partner he intended to kill a black man moments before shooting him to death following a car chase, was acquitted of first-degree murder charges by a judge following a bench trial. Judge Timothy Wilson found Jason Stockley not guilty in the shooting death of 24-year-old Anthony[Read More…]

Cop acquitted in shooting death of a black Minnesota motorist

But the town dismisses the police officer following the verdict By Frederick H. Lowe A majority white jury today acquitted a Minnesota police officer in last year’s shooting death of a black motorist who told the cop minutes earlier that he was a registered gun owner and was carrying a weapon. The jury acquitted Jeronimo Yanez, of the St. Anthony,[Read More…]

Black Lives Matter wins an international award for its work

  The Sydney Peace Foundation, an initiative of the University of Sydney in Australia and the City of Sydney, has awarded its 2017 peace prize to the Blacks Lives Matter Movement in the United States for bringing awareness to extrajudicial police murders of unarmed black men and women. The award is the first time a movement, rather than an individual,[Read More…]

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