Candidate for Bobby Rush’s congressional seat in Chicago sees gun violence as a public health issue

By Frederick H. Lowe BlackmansStreet.Today Robert Emmons, who announced his candidacy to unseat U.S. Rep. Bobby Rush in Chicago’s 1st Congressional District, said he considers gun violence a public health issue. If elected, Emmons said he would advocate more funding for organizations whose work is proven to curb violence at its root causes, according to one news report. Chicago, particularly[Read More…]

Apply for the Journalists in Aging Fellows Program; Deadline Is July 19

The Gerontological Society of America (GSA) Journalists in Aging Fellows Program is welcoming applications for its 10th cohort of reporters. The deadline is Friday, July 19. Since its founding in 2010, this program has been responsible for nearly 700 news stories produced by 156 alumni. It has two goals: to educate journalists about issues in aging, better allowing them to[Read More…]

Did Medical Community Recently Miss Signs of Massive Ebola Outbreak in Congo?

( – Just over a month ago, experts at the World Health Organization looked at the growing spread of Ebola in the Democratic Republic of Congo and declined to call it a “global health emergency” because only two provinces were afflicted with the killer disease at that time. Despite over 1,200 deaths to the hemorrhagic disease, “(it) was an almost[Read More…]

Real Men Cook expands the menu to address other issues affecting black men

    By Frederick H. Lowe BlackmansStreet.Today Real Men Cook, which will celebrate its 30th anniversary Father’s Day, has evolved from black men cooking and promoting healthy meals for their family, friends and guests, to a gateway for discussions about other pressing issues that affect African-American men, Ayinde Cartman, executive director of Real Men Charities Inc., parent organization of Real[Read More…]

“Empire” actress Taraji P. Henson wants a discussion of mental health in the black community to have a leading role

  By Frederick H. Lowe BlackmansStreet.Today The Boris Lawrence Henson Foundation, a new organization that has a goal of breaking the silence and prompting discussion of pervasive mental illness in the black community, will hold a conference and benefit dinner June 7th through June 9th at the Grand Hyatt Washington in  Washington, D. C. The foundation is named in honor[Read More…]

Trump Administration Secures Historic Donation of Billions of Dollars in HIV Prevention Drugs

Health and Human Services Secretary Alex M. Azar II  announced this week that, as a result of discussions between the Trump Administration and Gilead Sciences, Inc., the pharmaceutical company has agreed to donate pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) medication for up to 200,000 individuals each year for up to 11 years.   PrEP is used to reduce the risk of HIV infection[Read More…]

Stroke, which killed film director John Singleton, is a leading cause of death and disability, among black men

African-American men are at greater risk of having a stroke than any other group of men in the United States. Compared to white men, they are twice as likely to have a stroke, have strokes at younger ages, die from stroke, or have a stroke-related disability that affects their daily activities. These facts sound alarming, but there is some good[Read More…]

Opinion: Instead of just calling the police, we also should call a mental health professional

By Frederick H. Lowe BlackmansStreet.Today There have been a lot of newspaper and television stories about Emmanuel Aranda throwing a five-year-old boy over a third-floor balcony at the Mall of America in Minneapolis. Media outlets reported the story as if it’s only straight news that will attract a large reading and viewing audience. It is, and it isn’t. Posting a[Read More…]

Opioid Misuse Sending More Older Adults to Emergency Departments, Study Finds

Emergency department (ED) visits by people age 65 and older who were identified with opioid misuse and dependence more than tripled between 2006 and 2014, according to new research published by researchers at Towson University in Towson, Maryland. The study also discovered that opioid misuse was associated with an increased number of chronic conditions, greater injury risk, and higher rates[Read More…]