mental health and black men

Free webinar wants to help black men live great lives

By Frederick H. Lowe BlackmansStreet.Today “Shatter the Stereotypes: Empowering Men of Color to Live Extraordinary Lives” is the title of an upcoming free webinar organized by Michael Taylor, author, entrepreneur, speaker and personal life coach.  The webinar challenges the mostly negative media depictions of black men. “Contrary to mainstream media, men of color are experiencing unprecedented levels of success in[Read More…]

Kanye West says he’s mentally ill

  A break from the overwhelming silence on an issue that many blacks consider taboo By Frederick H. Lowe Rapper Kanye West is known for saying things some blacks consider pretty crazy, like supporting President Trump, a racist villain to many African Amerians, and saying slavery by African Americans was a choice. West also said on national TV during Hurricane[Read More…]

African-American seniors struggle to find therapists who understand

  By Jeneé Darden KQED Radio “California Report” Also, listen to the audio version online.  Black Men Speak chair Joe Anderson (L) with member James Glenn.  (Jeneé Darden/KQED)   SAN FRANCISCO–Choosing the right mental health therapist means finding connection and trust. For some African American seniors living in the San Francisco Bay Area, for instance, finding that therapist takes extra work.[Read More…]

Dying for more sleep? How insomnia may kill you

Posted by Jean Spinelli University of Arizona A 40-year study shows that people who suffer from chronic insomnia face a higher risk of dying. Insomnia—difficulty falling asleep, staying asleep, or waking too early—is a common medical complaint that affects about 20 percent of adults in the United States. Chronic insomnia is estimated to occur in about half of those individuals.[Read More…]

Los Angeles police shot to death higher numbers of the mentally ill and disproportionate numbers of blacks

The Los Angeles police last year fatally shot a higher number of people suffering from mental illness compared with previous years, according to the LAPD’s “Use of Force Year End Review and Executive Summary for 2015.” Fourteen of a total of 38 LAPD fatal shootings involved men with signs of mental illness. This number is up from five in 2014,[Read More…]

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