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Added Sugar Is Bad for Diabetes

Black men suffer from high rates of diabetes (HealthDay News) — High-fructose corn syrup has long been portrayed as a major villain in the American diet. But a new school of thought contends that plain old table sugar or even all-natural honey can be just as harmful to a person’s health. Any source of excess sugar contributes to obesity and[Read More…]

Black LGBTQ Community Celebrates

  LGBTQ Celebration is tempered by deadly shootings in Charleston   By Frederick H. Lowe The National Black Justice Coalition, a Washington, D.C.-based civil rights organization dedicated to empowering black lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people, celebrated Friday’s U.S. Supreme Court decision allowing gay marriages in all 50 states, but the organization’s joy was tempered by the shooting deaths of[Read More…]

American News Media Still Can’t Get It Right On Race

  Commentary Corrupted Coverage By  Linn Washington Jr. Does the intense news coverage examining the tragic massacre inside a historic black church in Charleston, S.C. and coverage exposing the travesty of the white woman who claims she’s actually black mean the mainstream media has finally ‘got it right’ regarding reporting on race and racism? Short answer, an emphatic No! Yes,[Read More…]

“Real Deal” Holyfield Gets Real about Prostate Cancer.

  By Frederick H. Lowe Evander “Real Deal” Holyfield, wants to help black men knock out prostate cancer. Holyfield, the five-time world heavyweight boxing champion and three—time world cruiser weight champion, has filmed a public service announcement urging black men to get checked regularly for prostate cancer, the second-leading cause of cancer deaths among them. The 30-second and 60-second PSA[Read More…]

Clinical Psychologist to Head Cook County Jail, the Nation’s Largest Mental Health Institution

  By Frederick H. Lowe Dr. Nneka Jones Tapia, a clinical psychologist, has been named executive director of Cook County (Illinois) Jail, the nation’s largest mental health institution, and her appointment supports Sheriff Tom Dart’s view as well as growing national sentiment that the mentally ill don’t belong in jail because it is too costly and because it criminalizes behavior[Read More…]

Howard University Launches African-American Mental Health Discussion

  By Burney Simpson WASHINGTON—-A one-year effort to change negative attitudes in the black community toward those with mental health problems began at a Howard University forum last week with a kick off of the Stamp Out Stigma campaign. A panel of psychiatrists and researchers agreed that negative attitudes can make it more difficult for African Americans to seek and[Read More…]

Black Men Suffer from Mental Illness: How Racism Figures In

  The definition of mental illness has a racist history rooted in slavery By Frederick H. Lowe CHICAGO–Horace Howard has been committed to Tinley Park Mental Health Center five times for auditory and visual hallucinations and once to Cermak Health Services, a psychiatric hospital operated inside Cook County Jail, where he was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. His history of psychiatric[Read More…]

The Closing of the Woodlawn Mental Health Center Disrupted the Lives of the Black Men It Served

  The center provided the men with a refuge and some of them still call it home By Frederick H. Lowe CHICAGO—-William Robinson was afraid to leave his home on Chicago’s South Side after being robbed twice at gun point and kidnapped once at gunpoint. Robinson, a former automobile and property claims processor for State Farm Insurance Co., was diagnosed[Read More…]

A Day in the Life of Black Men: Microaggressions, a Subtle Form of Racism

  By Frederick H. Lowe CHICAGO—Marcus Murray was walking in Hyde Park the other day. Murray was wearing sweat pants and a hooded sweat shirt, though he wasn’t wearing the face-concealing hood. However, his hands were in his pockets and that casual, non-threatening way of walking had the opposite effect on a white man walking with his children, Murray believed.[Read More…]

Funeral Services for Another Unarmed Black Teenager Killed by Police

More than 1,000 attended his funeral By Frederick H. Lowe Funeral services were held Saturday in Madison, Wis., for an unarmed black teenager who was shot to death March 6 by one of the city’s police officers who claimed the death occurred during a confrontation. Tony Terrell Robinson Jr., 19, was shot in the head, torso and right upper arm[Read More…]

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