50 years later, black University of Wyoming football players score a touchdown

School apologizes for kicking off team members who wanted to wear black armbands in a game against Brigham Young University   By Frederick H. Lowe BlackmansStreet.Today   The University of Wyoming has installed a plaque honoring 14 African American football players 50 years after they were kicked off the team not for smoking, drinking, smoking pot, or assaulting coeds, but[Read More…]

Robert Mugabe, leader of Zimbabwe, is dead

Mugabe earned seven academic degrees, including a law degree from the University of London. He was one of the world’s most-educated leaders Robert Mugabe, long-term president of Zimbabwe, who was condemned and punished by Western nations for transferring fertile farmland seized by whites to blacks during British colonial rule of the country, then known as Rhodesia, has died. Mr. Mugabe,[Read More…]

Black unemployment rate was 5.5 percent in August, down from 6.0 percent in July

  Jobless rate increases for black men but drops for black women The nation’s nonfarm companies added a lower than expected 130,000 jobs in August, pushing the jobless rate among black men up slightly. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported Friday the jobless rate for black men 20 and older was 5.9 percent. This compares with 5.8 percent in July[Read More…]

Thirteen Philadelphia cops face dismissal over racist Facebook posts

  By Stender Von Oehsen, Julian Gonzalez and Radhika Upadhye | Of Injustice Watch   The Philadelphia police commissioner announced on Thursday the department’s intention to fire 13 officers who published offensive posts on Facebook, and to suspend several additional officers. The announcement follows the June 1 Injustice Watch report, copublished with Buzzfeed News, of the release of a compilation[Read More…]

Cop who brutally killed Eric Garner will not face charges

    By Frederick H. Lowe BlackmansStreet.Today A New York City police officer who used an illegal chokehold to kill Eric Garner as a black woman police sergeant supervisor watched and did nothing to stop the brutal assault, will not face federal charges in Garner’s violent death, the Justice Department announced today. U.S. Attorney General William Barr, who was appointed[Read More…]

National Women’s Hall of Fame will induct Angela Davis

Angela Davis is scheduled to be inducted into The National  Women’s Hall of Fame on its 100th anniversary in September in New York City. The honor for Davis comes after the Birmingham, Alabama-based Civil Rights Institute rescinded an invitation to her for it’s annual February gala after a Jewish group objected to her support of Palestinians.  Davis was scheduled to[Read More…]

Tennessee Governor honors Nathan Bedford Forrest, a founder of the Klu Klux Klan

Forrest ordered the massacre of black Union troops during the Civil War By Frederick H. Lowe BlackmansStreet.Today Tennessee Governor Bill Lee proclaimed Saturday, July 13, a day of honoring Nathan Bedford Forrest the Confederate General who ordered the massacre of black Union troops who tried to surrender during Civil War battle at Fort Pillow. Confederate soldiers under Forrest’s command killed[Read More…]

YouTube executive calls police on a black man waiting outside an apartment building to help a handicapped friend

A YouTube executive called police on a black software engineer waiting outside a San Francisco apartment building to help a disabled friend. Christopher Cukor called the police on Wesley Michael telling them that Michael was trespassing. This went on as Cukor’s son pleaded with him to leave because he believed Michael was telling the truth. In the background, you can[Read More…]

Blacks now lead Southern Poverty Law Center

Following a tumultuous change in leadership, including the firing of its co-founder and the resignation of its president, the Southern Poverty Law Center, one of the nation’s leading civil rights organizations, has two African Americans leading the Montgomery, Alabama-based organization. Bryan Fair, Thomas E. Skinner Professor of Law at the University of Alabama School of Law, is SPLC’s board chairman,[Read More…]

Birmingham Civil Rights Institute to honor black millionaire businessman A. G. Gaston

A.G. Gaston, a black Birmingham millionaire, who is one of the most important heroes of the civil rights movement yet one of the least known and unappreciated, will be honored at 3 p.m. June 30th at the Birmingham Civil Rights Institute in Birmingham, Alabama. The opening reception is titled “A. G. Gaston: The Man and His Legacy” and it will[Read More…]

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