U.S. Supreme Court rules Oklahoma is mostly Indian country

BlackmansStreet. Today A recent U.S. Supreme Court decision declaring 3 million acres of land Indian Territory in Oklahoma traces its history to Andrew Jackson and the Indian Removal Act of 1830, which forcibly removed from their native lands in Alabama and Georgia so hundreds of thousands of acres could be given to white farmers.   The expulsion is known as “The[Read More…]


British Vogue editor racially profiled; He shows security guard the door

The editor-in-chief of British Vogue walked through the front door of his publication’s office building, but a security guard took one look at his Black face and ordered him to enter through the building’s back door. The security guard was promptly shown the door as in fired. Edward Enninful, who was named editor in 2017, posted the details of the[Read More…]

Hamilton wins Styria Grand Prix

Wearing a “Black Lives Matter” T-shirt, Lewis Hamilton, the reigning Formula 1 driving champion, took a knee for second time in two weeks. This time it was before Sunday’s Styria Grand Prix Austria, which he won. To prevent the spread of the coronavirus, a mechanical device handed trophies to the three top finishers. Hamilton,  F1’s only black driver, gave a[Read More…]

Japanese celebrate Black Lives Matter

Look what the murder of George Floyd has manifested. Floyd’s May 25 murder by a Minneapolis cop, has sparked protests, some– peaceful and others marred by violence–in this country and around the world. The most unlikely places where there have been BLM protests are Tokyo, Osaka, and Kansai, Japan. Japan Times reported on a march in Tokyo on June 14.[Read More…]

John Wayne’s boots are walking

USC will remove an art exhibit dedicated to the actor because of his racist comments   Actor John Wayne’s cowboy boots are walking right out of an art exhibit at the University of the Southern California. USC’s School of the Cinematic Arts announced that it will remove an exhibit dedicated to the Academy Award winning actor because of racist comments[Read More…]

Supreme Court rules most of Oklahoma is Indian territory

The Supreme Court’s decision throws light on the Creek Freedmen, who were once black slaves of the Creek Nation. Once they were freed following the Civil War, the former slaves built Black Wall Street in Tulsa, Oklahoma     By Frederick H. Lowe BlackmansStreet. Today Thursday’s U.S. Supreme Court decision declaring 3 million acres of land Indian Territory in Oklahoma traces its history back to Andrew Jackson and the Indian Removal[Read More…]

Trump administration cuts ties with WHO, an organization U.S. helped found

  The Trump administration formally notified the United Nations this week the United States is ending its membership in the World Health Organization. The announcement came the same day that  Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, WHO’s director general, said the coronavirus is spreading rapidly with no end in sight. “The Administration’s move to formally withdraw from WHO amid the greatest public[Read More…]

Covid-19 is making it difficult for Blacks and Hispanics to pay rent and mortgage

The Covid-19 pandemic has treated Blacks and Hispanics harshly. Blacks and Hispanics die at a much higher rates compared with Whites from Covid-19. Now there is even more bad news. To prevent the spread of Covid-19 pandemic, states ordered non-essential businesses to close, leading to layoffs of workers since March 13. The loss of income from the layoffs have made[Read More…]