Deadly police shootings

Police shoot to death a pregnant mentally ill woman in front of her kids


By Frederick H. Lowe

Two Seattle police officers shot to death a mentally ill pregnant mother of four in front of her children after the cops claimed she lunged at them with a knife, although she was shot multiple times in the back.

Charleena Lyles

Charleena Lyles, 30, was shot seven times, including three times in the back, according to King County Medical Examiner, which ruled her death a homicide.

Lyles’ attorneys, Travis Jameson and Karen Koehler, released the documents to the Seattle Times newspaper.

The deadly shooting occurred June 18th in Lyles’ apartment. Police officers Jason Anderson and Steven McNew claimed they shot Lyles as she came at them with a pair of kitchen knives. Lyles called the police report a burglary.

One of the bullets hit the four-month fetus Lyles was carrying.

The medical examiner’s report also found that no drugs or alcohol was found in her body.

Lyles had a history of being treated or mental illness. She was sent to mental health court after previous altercation with the police on June 15th.


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