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Mark Jordan Muscles His Way to a New World Record in Pull-Ups

Mark Jordan
Mark Jordan

Mark Jordan, a 54-year-old man who is a representative for health and wellness company, pulled himself up by his muscles to a new world record in pull-ups, completing 4,321 repetitions in 24 hours.

Jordan, of Corpus Christi, Texas, set a Guinness World Record for pull-ups, a body-weight exercise, besting the old record by 111 pull-ups. He began the race for the record on November 3, 2014, and set it the next day. Jordan, who trained a year before assaulting the record, averaged five pull-ups per minute.

Guinness World Records, which is based in London, confirmed Jordan was the new pull-ups record holder last week.

The record was a good deal for Jordan and for his employer ARIIX, a Bountiful, Utah-based health and wellness company. Jordan is an ARIIX representative and during his training and the contest, he relied on a line of Nutrifii supplements, particularly Moa, which he drank regularly during the event. Moa (mother of all) is a super fruit drink made with many ingredients, including pomegranate, bergamont, mango, and wild blackberry.

“Congratulations, Mark, on your new world record and superb accomplishment. Your ARIIX family salutes you and your unwavering dedication to health and fitness,” company officials said in a statement.

Jordan raised money for Hammonds Education Leadership, a Corpus Christi-based program that helps at-risk teenagers.

Pull-ups are done with an overhand grip or palms facing on an overhead bar while a chin-up is done with an underhand grip.


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