How the Black Irish were treated in Ireland

The Guardian, a British newspaper, has made a very disturbing documentary about the rotten treatment black children born and raised in Republic of Ireland received during the 1950s and the 1960s.

The children were the sons and the daughters of African and Caribbean fathers and white Irish mothers.

Mothers who were ashamed of their mixed-race children often gave them up to be raised by nuns and priests in institutions run by the Irish Catholic church.

The nuns are far and away some of the meanest people when it came to the mistreatment of mixed-race children, often looking the other way when the children were sexually abused. Nuns frequently called mixed-race children “nigger,” the ugliest of racist slurs, and “savages.”

Nuns and the students’ classmates played a big role in helping make mixed-race children feel terrible about their lives. The classmates repeatedly told black children they were less than human. Name-calling stuck with the black children into adulthood, leading many to  suffer from clinical depression.

One woman told the film’s narrator that she believed her first name was “nigger” because she has been called that so often.


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