In Memorium

Addison “Barry” Rand, one of the first black CEOs of a Fortune 500 company

A. Barry Rand

Addison “Barry” Rand became one of the first black CEOs  to head a Fortune 500 company when he assumed leadership at AVIS, the car rental firm, in 1999.  Prior to working at AVIS, Rand spent most of his career at Xerox from the time he graduated from American University. He was a part of the company’s sales team  until he was promoted to executive vice president of international operations, overseeing 70,000 corporate employees.When Rand was passed over for CEO of Xerox, he left the company to become CEO of Avis. He later worked as CEO at AARP from 2009 until he retired in 2014.  He died of  Alzheimer’s disease  in an assisted living center on November 7th in Norwalk, Connecticut. He was 74.



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