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BlackmansStreet.Today is the nation’s only online newspaper that targets professional African -American men in the United States and black Diaspora. The weekly publication’s subscribers include commercial airline pilots, nationally and locally elected officials, teachers, principals, college professors, businessmen, community organizers, newspaper reporters, newspaper editors and newspaper owners. Some 30.8 percent of BlackmansStreet. Today’s subscribers report annual household incomes of $75,000 to $100,000, and 15.4 percent report annual household incomes of $101,000 to $200,000. Twenty-four percent have a bachelor’s degree; 38 percent have a master’s degree; 3.4 percent have an MBA; 6.9 percent have a Ph.D.; and 6.9 percent have earned a law degree. Seventy one percent own a home and 92 percent own an automobile.

BlackmansStreet.Today has close to 1400 subscribers/ readers and Google Analytics ranks BlackmansStreet website a four, meaning four times as many visitors come to the website as there are subscribers.

Each week, BlackmansStreet publishes articles about health care, business, voting rights, wrongful convictions, unemployment, education, book reviews, politics, Formula 1 racing and a history column. Photographs and bar charts accompany the articles to attract readers. As a result, NorthStar has a loyal readership that continues grow. If you have any questions send us a message.

BlackmansStreet,  formerly known as North Star News Today, is based in Chicago.




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