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Living while black, or what innocuous thing did I do to get whites to call police with their guns drawn? Nothing. Being black is enough

By Frederick H. Lowe

First, we heard about San Francisco police storming a black business owner opening the door of his store after a neighbor called police and claimed he was breaking into a building that housed his company.

Actor Ving Rhames is held at gun point by police for watching television

Police swooped in on Viktor Stevenson, owner of Gourmonade, a gourmet lemonade business located in a gentrifying San Francisco neighborhood. Stevenson used his keys to open the shop’s door to show police, one of whom had his has hand on his gun, that he operated a business there.

The most-recent terrifying incident involved film actor, who was watching television in the living room of his home in Santa Monica, California, when someone knocked on the door.

Rhames opened answered the door and a red dot from a 9-millimeter pistol was pointed at his head.  The cop screamed ‘put your hands up!’ He was joined by two other cops, a police dog and a captain who recognized Rhames because their sons played basketball against each other. Rhames is starring in “Mission: Impossible: Fallout” with Tom Cruise. The movie is in current release.

Police arrested Dr. Henry Louis Gates for breaking into his own home after the front door jammed.

The police told Rhames the woman who lived across the street called them, claiming that a large black man was breaking into the house, Rhames recently said on The Clay Cane Show on Sirius XM radio. After things calmed down, Rhames and a police officer walked across the street to confront the woman. She denied calling 911.

Police did not arrest  Rhames, but  Cambridge, Massachusetts, police arrested and handcuffed Dr. Henry Louis Gates of Harvard University on July 16, 2009, when he forced opened the front door of his home which  had jammed. A white woman called 911 and said a burglary was in progress. Police rushed to the neighborhood and found Gates standing inside his own home.

Sgt. James Crowley, of the Cambridge Police, ordered Gates to step on the porch where he slapped hand cuffs on Gates and charged him disorderly conduct.

President Barack Obama said during a news conference Gates shouldn’t have been arrested for breaking into his own home. The news media, particularly Fox News, attacked President Obama for making that statement. A white woman guest on Sean Hannity’s program on Fox News agreed police shouldn’t have arrested Gates in his own home, which led to Hannity’s blasting her on the air.

A black woman cop with the Cambridge Police Department hugged Crowley when he returned to the police station. She said she would not vote for Obama.

President Obama held a “Beer Summit”  in the White House Rose Garden with Gates, Crowley and Vice President Joe Biden to discuss the arrest.

It is not known who called the cops on Stevenson, the lemonade purveyor, but most of the calls about black people committing crimes, including selling bottled water, mowing grass or seeking help following a traffic accident have been placed by white women.




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