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A webinar to help black men heal from the daily verbal assaults

A second separate event in Chicago is designed to work with black men

If, as a black man, you are more than ready to move beyond black-male stereotypes created and promoted during the ”Hate Black Men Movement” launched by white and black feminists, Coach Michael Taylor is hosting an event that will appeal to you.

Taylor is putting on a free webinar titled “The Cure for Onlyness: A Black Mans Guide to Joy, Passion & Purpose”  at
The event, which will feature four speakers, is being held at 8 p.m (Central Standard Time) on Tuesday, November 19.

Gloria Steinem, who sometimes hosted the Today Show on NBC, one of the corporate media’s most prominent platforms, called black men “chauvinist macho pigs” and urged black women to “go it alone,” which many did forcing black men out of the family home.

Micele Wallace, who graced the cover of “MS,” Steinem’s magazine, wrote in her book “Black Macho and the Myth of the Superwoman” that abolitionists  Harriet Tubman and Sojouner Truth were ugly and stupid because they worked with black men.  In the current feature film, “Harriet,” she vilifies black men. There are rumors that Steinem ghost wrote Wallace’s book.

In a 1979 book titled  “Feminist Revolution” by Redstockings, white feminists identified Steinem as a CIA agent.

In another event designed to address issues affecting black men, Real Men Charities will host “Sacred Masculinity.”

The conference, which  is scheduled for 1p.m. (Central Standard Time) Sunday, November 24, at the Quarry Event Center, 2423 E.  75th Street, Chicago.

Participants will discuss the spiritual frameworks about what different traditions say about the nature and role of men. Attendance is free.



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