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Free webinar wants to help black men live great lives

Michael Taylor

By Frederick H. Lowe


“Shatter the Stereotypes: Empowering Men of Color to Live Extraordinary Lives” is the title of an upcoming free webinar organized by Michael Taylor, author, entrepreneur, speaker and personal life coach.  The webinar challenges the mostly negative media depictions of black men.

“Contrary to mainstream media, men of color are experiencing unprecedented levels of success in society today, and there are definitely reasons for them to be more optimistic about the future,” Taylor said. “If you are a man of color, or know someone who is and have been looking for a resource to provide you with some tools to support you in creating the life of your dreams, I’d like to invite you to this free webinar.”

Men can register for the webinar at It  is scheduled for 7:30 p.m./CDT on Thursday, July 11.

The webinar will address many subjects.

Topics  include:  the primary reason black men should be optimistic about their future, the five most-destructive media generated illusions that keep black men from reaching their full potential, the importance of a positive support network and why black men need to build one, why your success depends on taking 100%  responsibility for your life turning out the way you want.

Besides Taylor, webinar speakers will include Ernest Patterson, an addiction counselor, men’s coach and MKP Seminar leader;  Joel Love, founder of Black Executive Men, which provides psychotherapy for African-American men, and Brandon G. Alexander, workshop facilitator, blogger and founder of New Age Gents.

Taylor is the author of the books “Shattering Black Male Stereotypes,” “Black Men Rock,” “Brothers Are You Listening,  A New Conversation With Men,” “Lessons from a Gathering of Black Men,” and “Adversity Is Your Greatest Ally.”

He is a motivational speaker, radio, television and podcast host. Taylor is also president and CEO of Creation Publishing Group LLC, which is based in Stafford, Texas.




  1. This is Fantastic! We need more men of color to step up to change the narrative of black men.
    We all know what is shown in the media is not all black men. I hope that the black men out there will take advantage of this free webinar…B

  2. Thank you for taking time to comment. I will pass it on.—Frederick H. Lowe

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