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Black boys are more likely to be suspended from San Diego public schools


When They Teach Us

Black boys who attend the San Diego Public Schools are suspended at a rate of 10.7 percent, which is 206 percent higher than the district average.

This represents the highest suspension rate of any racial or gender group, according to a report released today by the Black Minds Project, an initiative of the Community College Equity Assessment Lab at San Diego State University.

The report titled “When They Teach Us: The Education of Black Children in San Diego,” also reported that black boys are 3.1 times more likely to receive out-of-school suspensions and 2.8 times more likely to receive in-school suspensions.

The top schools suspending black boys are Montgomery Middle School (52.4 percent), Fletcher Elementary School ( 40 percent) Innovation Middle School 38.9 percent, and Millennial Tech Middle School at 36.2 percent. Read the entire report here



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