Black men’s jobless rate drops in March


The nation’s businesses added 196,000 non-farm jobs in March, cutting the unemployment rate for black men 20 and older to 6.9 percent from 7.2 percent in February, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported  Friday.

The jobless rate for black men in March, however, was higher compared to the same month a year earlier when it was 6.4 percent, BLS reported.  The labor participation rate was 68.0 percent, lower than the 68.2 percent in February, but higher than 67.8 percent for March a year earlier.

Despite the drop in joblessness among black men 20 and older, black men continue to suffer the highest unemployment rate compared to other groups.

The jobless rate for white men 20 and older in March was 3.4 percent, up from 3.3 percent in February. Asians reported a jobless rate of 3.1 percent, which is higher than the 3.0 percent recorded a year ago, and Hispanic men 20 and older said a jobless rate of 4.1 percent in March, higher than 3.6 percent recorded in February.

Health care, food services, drinking establishments, and manufacturing continued to add jobs. The average work for employees increased by 0.1 hours to 34.5 hours in March.

The overall unemployment rate was unchanged at 3.8 percent and the number of unemployed persons-was unchanged at 6.2 million.


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