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Richard Parsons steps down because of illness

Richard Parsons, interim chairman of CBS Corp., announced on Sunday that he is resigning from the board of directors for health reasons.

Richard Parsons,

Parsons replaced Leslie Moonves, the company’s chairman and CEO, who resigned on September 9th,  following numerous allegations of sexual assault.

“As some of you know, when I agreed to join the board and serve as interim, I was dealing with a serious health challenge—multiple myeloma—but I felt the situation was manageable. Unfortunately, unanticipated complications  have created  additional new challenges, and my doctors have advised that cutting back on my current commitments is essential to my overall recovery.”


Sandra Day O’Connor, the first woman Associate Supreme Court Justice, said she is suffering from dementia

Sandra Day O’Connor, the first woman appointed Associate Justice on the U.S. Supreme Court, announced today that she is suffering from the beginning stages of dementia, possibly Alzheimer’s.

O’Connor, 88, resigned from the Court 12 years ago  because doctors had diagnosed her with early stage dementia and because she wanted to care for her husband John O’Connor 111, who was suffering from Alzheimer’s. John O’Connor died in 2009.

President Ronald Reagan nominated Justice O’Connor to the court, and she took her seat in 1981.



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