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Chicago police shot a grandmother first then her neighbor

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A wounded Quintonio LeGrier collapsed on top of Bettie Jones’s, according to a lawsuit

By Frederick H. Lowe

Bette Jones is shot dead for opening the door.
Police shot Bettie Jones first…

When Bettie Jones opened the door to let the police into the building where she lived at the request of her landlord, Antonio LeGrier, she was met with one or more bullets that eventually killed her, according to a lawsuit filed by her family’s attorneys, Sam Adam Jr. and Larry R. Rogers, in Cook County Circuit Court.

The lawsuit also alleges that the same Chicago police officer also shot to death Quintonio LeGrier, Jones’s upstairs’ neighbor, who fell on top of Jones inside the building at 4710 W. Erie, court documents said.

According to the lawsuit, the police officer whose name has not

Police  then shot LeGrier and he collasped on top of a dying Jones, according to court documents.

been released was standing in the parkway beyond the sidewalk when he fired his weapon at Jones who was unarmed. LeGrier, a 19 year-old college student, studying engineering at Northern Illinois University, was shot next by the same cop, according to court documents.

Both deadly shootings occurred on December 26.

The allegations are contained in a lawsuit filed on behalf of Jones’ daughter, Latarsha Jones. The lawsuit accuses the police department of a “wrongful death of Bettie Jones and reckless, willful and wanton conduct exhibiting a conscious disregard for the safety of innocent citizens.” The lawsuit also charges that the deadly shooting of Bettie Jones has caused her daughter, Latarsha, to suffer emotional stress.

Latarsha, who is the administrator of her mother’s estate, is seeking in excess of $100,000 for the deadly shooting. Antonio LeGrier, who is represented by attorney Basileios J. Fourtis, has filed a separate lawsuit against the City of Chicago.

The lawsuit contradicts what the Chicago Tribune has been  reporting. An unnamed source quoting police claimed Quintonio LeGrier bolted out the house, swinging a metal baseball bat and the cop killed him because he feared for his life, the Tribune reported.

According to the lawsuit, Jones, a 55 year-old grandmother, suffering from ovarian cancer yet still active in her community, was shot as she answered the doorbell or a knock at the door. Quintonio LeGrier was also shot inside the building not in the street as the unnamed police source claimed through the Tribune.

I went to the site of the deadly shooting, and bullets were fired into building’s frame and into the door. One bullet went through Jones’ first floor apartment and lodged into the building’s back wall.

Adam and Rogers also looked for bullet casings in the street, the parkway and in the space between Jones’ building and a building next door.

Police claim Jones’ deadly shooting was an accident, but neighborhood residents and others have called her violent death an execution.

After LeGrier and Jones had been shot but were still alive, the police refused to administer first aid. The two died shortly after they had been shot.

A black police officer told Latarsha that her mother was dead and told her to ‘get over it,’ Adam told NorthStar News and

Police removed any video cameras from surrounding buildings that might have captured the shootings on film, according to the lawsuit.

The lawsuit notes that Quintonio LeGrier called 911 reporting a disturbance and seeking help. His father Antonio LeGrier also called the police. He also called Jones and he asked her to open the door when the police arrived.

It is not clear what the nature of the dispute was between father and son that lead them to call police.


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