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Cop sues estate of victim he killed

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by Frederick H. Lowe

A white Chicago cop who shot to death a black 19 year-old undergraduate student and his downstairs neighbor last December has sued the young man’s estate.

The lawsuit brought by Robert Rialmo claims that he is suffering from physical and emotional trauma because he accidently shot to death Bettie Jones, a 55-year-old mother and grandmother, while shooting Quintonio LeGrier, who allegedly was or who had been swinging a metal baseball bat at him.

Quintonio LeGrier
Quintonio LeGrier

Rialmo claims LeGreir ignored his repeated orders to drop the bat. Rialmo, fearing for his life, fired 8 shots from his pistol, wounding the young man six times. He later died of his wounds. The double deadly shooting occurred on December 26 at 4710 W. Erie on Chicago’s West Side.

The fourth bullet passed through LeGrier’s body, wounding Jones who later died, the cop claims. The lawsuit was filed by Joel A. Brodsky, a lawyer for Drew Peterson, a former Bolingbrook, Ill., police officer, who is now serving a 38-year prison sentence for killing Kathleen Savio, his third wife.

Brodsky filed the lawsuit February 5 in Cook County Circuit Court. Antonio LeGrier, Quintonio’s father sued the City of Chicago on December 28 for his son’s shooting death by Rialmo.

The lawsuits differ a great deal. Although an unnamed police informant claims LeGrier ran out of the two-story building, swinging a metal baseball bat at Rialmo, a lawsuit filed by Antonio LeGrier said his son was not armed and never posed a threat to the cop.

In a lawsuit filed by relatives of Bettie Jones, her daughter alleges that Rialmo shot Jones first and then shot Quintonio.

His body fell on top of her body. Both bodies were found inside the house even though three bullets had been fired into the building from outside. The bullet holes are noticeable.

Antonio LeGrier had asked Jones to open the front door for the police following a dispute between him and his son. Both men had called the police for help, but it is not clear what the dispute involved because a black women police operator hung the phone up on Quintonio.

Antonio LeGrier, who is the administrator of his son’s estate is seeking more than $100,000. Riamlo is seeking more than $50,000 in speical damages and more than $10 million in punitive damages.


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