Democratic National Committee pulls sponsorship of Saturday’s Women’s March

By Frederick H. Lowe


The Democratic National Committee reportedly has withdrawn its sponsorship of the women’s march scheduled for this weekend because two of its leaders hold Minister Louis Farrakhan in high regard for the work the Nation of Islam is doing to improve life in the African- American community.

HuffPost, the online newspaper, reported that the DNC pulled its sponsorship after leaders Tamika Mallory and Carmen Perez posted photos of themselves with Minister Farrakhan on Instagram. Mallory, who is co-chair of the 2019 Women’s March,  also refused to denounce the Minister during an appearance on “The View,”  a show that focuses on women’s ideas about the news on ABC-Television. The women’s march is scheduled for Saturday, January 19th.

Tamika Mallory

The Southern Poverty Law Center has called The Nation of Islam a hate group because of anti-Semitic remarks attributed to Minister Farrakhan, but African Americans view him as a leader and The Nation of Islam as a self-help organization working to improve the lives of blacks. 

However, some white women have called Mallory and Perez to step down.

This public fight has caused a number of  last year’s sponsors not to participate in the upcoming march although they cite various reasons for not doing so. 

This latest incident follows a pattern. Last week, the Birmingham, Alabama, Civil Rights Institute withdrew an invitation for Angela Davis to speak and cancelled a ceremony honoring her because a Jewish group objected. The group became incensed because Davis supports Palestinians.



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