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British Vogue editor racially profiled; He shows security guard the door

The editor-in-chief of British Vogue walked through the front door of his publication’s office building, but a security guard took one look at his Black face and ordered him to enter through the building’s back door.

The security guard was promptly shown the door as in fired.

Edward Enninful, who was named editor in 2017, posted the details of the incident in which he was racially profiled on his Twitter and his Instagram pages.

“I was instructed to use the loading bay,” as though he was a delivery man. He is the first Black man, the first man and first openly Gay person named editor of British Vogue.

Mr. Enninful said Condé Nast, which owns British Vogue, had “moved quickly” to dismiss the security guard.

The magazine publisher, which also owns Vanity Fair, The New Yorker, and GQ, has been criticized after widespread Black Lives Matter protests for failures to support diversity in the workplace.



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  1. Malcolm Westfield

    In reading this article I was absolutely dumbfounded to fine reasonable explanation for such an occurrence. The actions, no matter where, no matter by whom and/or reason(s) is, racist. Edward Enninful, editor-in chief of British Vogue was not only racially profiled, but to be told that he had to use the building’s rear entrance is damn right, demeaning to the human experience, let alone the Black male experience. It is beyond troubling to the psyche that a Black man, simply because of the color of his skin should be subjected to such insulting behavior in year 2020. The fact that the security guard was immediately terminated is not, in my opinion, adequate accountability enough for this offense. If there were some legal redress, similar to the woman who, because a Black man, within his rights, asked to to place her dog on a lead, called police and falsely claimed that he was posing a threat to her safety, was fired and now faces legal charges is, definitely applicable to the actions of the security guard. The toxicity racist attitudes may never be erased, but racist behaviors must have legal and societal consequences. Criminal charges may not change racist attitudes. but the racist individual may give thought that his or hers racist actions may cost them financially, if not, incarceration. Too many traffic tickets result in fines and potential loss of Driver’s License. Racist actions should face equal consequences.

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