Federal stimulus package will include 4 months of pay for furloughed workers

Senator Chuck Schumer

U.S. Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer said Tuesday the federal government will pay four months of salary to every person who is furloughed from his or her job because of the coronavirus.

“The federal government will pay each person’s salary who has lost his or her job” Schumer (D., New York) said during a speech on the Senate floor.

As the coronavirus pandemic has spread, businesses have cut the number of employees as state and city governments have ordered residents to stay home or work from home to avoid getting or causing an infection.

Schumer’s comments were an update on a $2 trillion bipartisan stimulus package to revive the nation’s economy. Senate leaders and the White House reached an agreement on the stimulus package.

The House of Representatives is not in session.

The  bill provides direct help to citizens, businesses, hospitals, state and local governments. It needs to be passed by the Senate and the House.




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