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LAPD Shot to Death Unarmed, Mentally-Handicapped Black Man

Los Angeles police shot an unarmed, mentally-ill African-American man in the back in the midst of killing him last August, the Los County Coroner ruled on Sunday.

Ezell Earl Ford, 25, was shot three times, once in the right side, once in the right back and once in the right arm on Aug. 1. The shots  to Ford’s right side and right back killed him, the coroner reported. Ford died on Aug. 11, and the coroner ruled his death a homicide.

LAPD Shot to Death Unarmed, Mentally-Handicapped Black Man
LAPD Shot to Death Unarmed, Mentally-Handicapped Black Man

Los Angeles Police shot Ezell Ford, a mentally handicapped man, three times, including a shot to the back.

The coroner’s office released the autopsy report on Dec. 29, although it was completed on Aug. 14. Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck put a “security hold” on the autopsy report so witnesses to the fatal shooting would come forward.

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti ordered the release of the autopsy.

In the lead-up to the shooting, officers Antonio Villegas and Sharlton Wampler saw Ford standing on the sidewalk,  and asked to speak to him, but he turned and walked away, Beck wrote on the LAPD’s website.

They followed Ford because he appeared to have something in his hand. Ford turned and began fighting with one of the cops and allegedly tried to grab his gun.

The cop’s partner yelled Ford has his gun. The other cop fired two shots striking Ford and the other officer grabbed a backup weapon and shot Ford in the back.

Ford’s family has filed a $75 million lawsuit against the LAPDin U.S. District Court. Family members have refused to talk to the police.

Earlier this month, the Milwaukee County District Attorney announced that he would not charge a former Milwaukee police officer in the shooting death of an unarmed black man who suffered from schizophrenia.



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