Mexican father shoots to death daughter’s black boyfriend

Albert Thomas

The deadly shooting follows teenagers of Indian heritage peeing on a black girl


By Frederick H. Lowe


A Mexican father who ordered his daughter not to socialize with African Americans shot to death the daughter’s black boyfriend and his black cousin in Owasso, Oklahoma, near Tulsa, on October 22.

The Rogers County Sheriff’s department charged Manuel Quezada, 47, with two counts of murder and his wife, Angelica Quezada, 41, with accessory to murder in the shooting deaths of Albert Thomas, 20, and his cousin Dajon Ross, 21.

Dajon Ross

The Rogers County Sheriff said the shooting occurred after an argument, but department officials did not say what the argument was about.

The sheriff’s office also did not mention if Thomas and Ross were armed. Quezada, 47, was standing in the front yard of his home with a recently fired gun in his back pocket. It is not clear if the deadly shooting also will be deemed a hate crime.

Betty Shelby. She is an employee of the Rogers County Sheriff’s Department

The Rogers County Sheriff hired former Tulsa police officer Betty Shelby who was acquitted of the 2016 deadly shooting of Terence Crutcher, a black man.

Crutcher’s  SUV had broken down along the side of the road when Shelby shot him to death, claiming she believed he had a gun. No gun was found on his person or in his car.

Repeated calls and messages to the Rogers County Sheriff’s Office were not been returned. Women answering the calls forwarded them to a telephone number that was never picked up.

BlackmansStreet.Today found other ways to report the story.

Albert and Dajon went to pickup the unnamed girl to take her to a movie.

The killer couple
Manuel and Angelica Quezada

One of the victims was found shot to death on the ground. The other was found shot to death behind the car’s steering wheel.

Relatives said Thomas had been dating Quezada’s daughter for two years but that he had never met her father until the night of the deadly shooting.

When I was a reporter for the Chicago Tribune, I covered a demonstration by blacks and Mexicans competing for jobs at the Post Office.  Mexicans described blacks as having tails like monkeys and not having any dignity. The Mexican women laughed loudly. I mentioned what I had seen and heard to my editor and that’s where it ended.

The two murders follow teenagers of Indian heritage peeing on a black teenage girl and calling other black girls “niggers” at a Lawrence High School football game in Lawrenceville, New Jersey.



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