Michigan cop with KKK application in his home is fired

Former Michigan cop Charles Anderson

Muskegon, Michigan, fired a white cop, who shot to death an unarmed black man, after a framed Klu Klux Klan application and several Confederate flags were found in this house and garage by house hunters.

The Muskegon City Manager fired Charles Anderson following a hearing held Thursday.

It is not clear why he was fired, and if the city will reopen the shooting death that occurred in 2000 of Julius Allen-Ray Johnson. The city manager said he will provide more details about the firing later this week.

Anderson shot to death the 23-year-old Johnson following a traffic violation. Johnson was a passenger in the car.

His sister, Tunisia Phillips-Lark overhead the confrontation, which took place outside of the building where they lived. She claimed her brother pleaded for his life.

Then Muskegon County prosecutor Tony Tague claimed she lied. He had her jailed.

Rob and Reyna Mathis, real tough guys

Anderson’s affection for the Klan and the Confederacy came to light when Rob and Reyna Mathis toured the cop’s home during an open house.

Rob, an Army veteran, first saw the Confederate flags spread throughout the house and the garage. The “Stars and Bars” made the couple uncomfortable. But they continued with the tour.

In the master bedroom, a framed Klu Klux Klan application hung on the wall.

The Mathis had had enough. Rob’s later actions would change Anderson’s life.

Rob Mathis posted on Facebook what he saw in the house. He didn’t know the homeowner was a cop. However, the people who read the Facebook post did. They posted their comments on Facebook.

The police department suspended Anderson with pay.



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