Court agrees to hear Bill Cosby’s appeal

Bill Cosby. Pennsylvania Supreme Court will hear his appeal.

The Pennsylvania State Supreme Court on Tuesday agreed to review comedian Bill Cosby’s 2018 conviction for sexual assault in which carried a prison sentence of  three to 10 years. Cosby has been in prison nearly two years.

A jury found Cosby, 82, guilty of sexually assaulting Andrea Constand at his suburban Philadelphia home in 2004. A three-judge appellate panel upheld Cosby’s conviction in December.

However, the Commonwealth’s Supreme Court agreed to consider two issues from the appeal, including whether the trial judge made a mistake in allowing prosecutors to call five other accusers to support Constand’s allegations.

Constand issued a statement after learning about the court decision. 

“While everyone deserves their cries and appeals to be heard, even convicted criminals, if anyone’s cries matter most right now, it’s the women who have lifted their voices and have selflessly put themselves in harm’s way, such as prior bad act witnesses in my case,” she said.

Constand works with women who are victims of sexual assault.

Cosby’s attorneys argued the witnesses were called to establish a propensity to commit a crime and improperly created an “assumption of guilt.”

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court will hear Cosby’s contention that he never should have been charged due to the terms of a deal he made with the former district attorney.

“We’re extremely thankful to the State Supreme Court of Pennsylvania for agreeing to review Mr. Cosby’s appeal,” said Andrew Wyatt, his spokesman. Cosby had been known as “America’s dad” due to his 1980’s family sitcom  “The Cosby Show. ” At one time, Cosby was a spokesman for Temple University in Philadelphia.





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