Police arrest two teenagers of Indian descent for peeing on a black girl

Police in New Jersey arrested two teenage boys of Indian descent and charged them with peeing on a black girl and calling her “nigger.”

The incident took place October 18th at a Lawrence High School football game, police reported. The boys, both 17, were charged with multiple counts of harassment, bias intimidation and lewdness.

The boys’ names have not been released.

My personal experience shows most Indians hate African Americans. I live in Chicago. I was walking down Devon Avenue on the far North Side, near where I live.

An Indian woman, wearing a sari, was walking towards me. She grabbed a pole holding up a street sign, and begin kicking at me.

I moved away from her to get out of her range. I had never seen this woman before.

In another incident, I was walking behind an Indian woman along North Michigan Avenue. Her wallet fell out her shallow jacket pocket, dropping in front of me. I picked it up and yelled “woman in the blue you dropped your wallet.”

A woman tapped her on her shoulder. The woman told her she dropped her wallet. The Indian woman turned around, and I gave her the wallet. She thanked two nicely dressed white women standing near me.

One of the women corrected her. Pointing to me, she said, “he’s the one who rescued your wallet.” The Indian woman didn’t say anything to me. Instead, she dashed across Michigan Avenue.

The Guardian, a British newspaper, regularly publishes stories about Indians’ ill treatment of blacks.

The British once called Indians “niggers.” Now they are living here, they consider themselves white.



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