White customer expresses racial hatred; Buffalo Wild Wings staff complies with his bigotry


Birthday celebration is forced to move to another restaurant because one white male diner did not want to sit near blacks

Rude and racist treatment of African Americans, especially black men, in restaurants is pervasive

Buffalo Wild Wings in Naperville, Illinois


By Frederick H. Lowe


A white man who hated the idea of sitting next to a group of blacks celebrating a birthday at a Buffalo Wild Wings restaurant in suburban Chicago, led to the group moving their celebration to another restaurant after Buffalo Wild Wings management refused to seat them elsewhere in the eatery, saying the entire restaurant was reserved.

The incident, first reported on Facebook, underscored the power one white man had in implementing and pushing a racist action, willingly carried out by Buffalo Wild Wings restaurant’s service and shift managers without so much as a scratch of the head. The white man was described by restaurant employees as a regular customer. The group’s money wasn’t important. The white man’s was.

But it’s not just white men who practice and carry out this accepted kind of racism.

A black waitress refused to serve me at Mitchell’s restaurant, once located at Clark and North on Chicago’s Near North Side.

She dispatched a white waitress to order me to leave because there weren’t any tables available although the restaurant was nearly empty. I protested, but the white waitress refused to relent. As I walked out, the black waitress shot me an angry look. I had never seen her before.

Restaurant personnel who don’t want African Americans in their eateries frequently seat black men in areas where there isn’t waitress service. The exiled diner gets angry, as I did, and eventually leaves. You can’t put us a fuss because cops eat there and the restaurant employees will call them.

I also have witnessed Chinese restaurants refusing to seat black men. If they seated them, they would overcharge them.

All this is done with the blessing of the restaurant’s owners and management and is a blatant violation of state and federal laws, which are ignored.

If we as black men wonder why white men or a white man have so much power over us in the age of Obama, what occurred at Buffalo Wild Wings is a clear example that little or nothing has changed in the minds of whites when it comes to race.

Buffalo Wild Wings, a restaurant chain is headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota, fired the restaurant’s service and shift managers and apologized to the diners as did Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker and Naperville Mayor Steve Chirico. The restaurant is located in Naperville. Buffalo Wild Wings has banned the so far unnamed customer from all 1,200 of its restaurants.

The chain also apologized to the group, which included six adults and 12 children.

They were celebrating on October 26th the birthday of one of the children following a basketball game.

While Justin Vahl, one of the group, was waiting to be seated, a Buffalo Wings host asked him what his ethnic group was. This question is actually illegal under today’s laws.

Vahl asked the unnamed host why that mattered. The employee told him that a regular white customer “doesn’t want black people sitting near him.” Vahl’s wife, Mary, posted what had occurred on her Facebook page.

The group moved their celebration to Hooters, another restaurant, which provided good service, but was inappropriate for children because the waitresses there dress to emphasize the size of their breasts.

Since the incident, Yelp, the review website, has disabled postings describing what happened at the restaurant.

“We’ve temporarily disabled the posting of content to this page as we work to verify whether the content you see here reflects actual consumer experiences rather than the recent events, even if that means disabling the ability for users to express points of view we might agree with,” Yelp said, although Buffalo Wild Wings has apologized to the black customers and banned for life the bigoted customer.

Some have charged that Yelp wants to silence criticism of the restaurant.





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