Clinton selects Kaine as VP running mate

He belongs to a mostly black church, but he supports job-killing trade deals

By Frederick H. Lowe

U.S. Senator Tim Kaine (D. Va.), who has been selected by Hillary Clinton as her vice presidential running mate, is a member of a predominately black Catholic church in Richmond, Va., but he also supported fast-tracking the Trans Pacific Partnership, an international trade deal that if passed could take jobs away from black workers.

Tim Kaine
Tim Kaine

Kaine, who spent part of a year working as a missionary in Honduras, is a member of the St. Elizabeth Catholic Church, which is located in a poor neighborhood. A Harvard Law School graduate, Kaine pushed for fair housing after he graduated.

Kaine, however, is running into opposition from supporters of U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders, (I., Vt.), Clinton’s closest rival for the Democratic Party’s nomination for President, because Kaine was one six Democratic senators voting to fast track TPP, a 12-nation trade agreement.

Clinton initially supported TPP before changing her mind, and Kaine reportedly has also changed his mind about supporting the trade deal.

He’s expected to issue an announcement soon.

The Democratic National Convention opened Monday in Philadelphia and Sanders’s supporters held up signs that said “No TPP.”

The Sanders campaign and the campaign of Donald Trump, the GOP’s nominee for President, have made major issues of trade deals, such as the North American Free Trade Agreement and China joining the World Trade Organization that have cost American workers high-paid manufacturing jobs.

It’s still not clear how TPP will affect black workers, who have been hardest hit by trade deals successfully pushed by President Bill Clinton and supported by then First Lady Hillary Clinton who will receive Democratic Party’s nomination for President on Thursday.



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