Incumbent Congressman loses

Congress Chaka Fattah loses re-election bid.
Congress Chaka Fattah loses re-election bid.

by Frederick H. Lowe and Burney Simpson

Incumbent Congressman Chaka Fattah, a leader of the Congressional Black Caucus, lost his bid for re-election in Pennsylvania’s Democratic primary on Tuesday after being indicted last year on corruption charges.

Fattah, who represented the 2nd Congressional District in Philadelphia, was defeated by Pennsylvania State Rep. Dwight Evans.

The district includes South, North and West Philadelphia and Lower Merion in Montgomery County.  He lived his entire life in Philadelphia.

Evans, who was backed by most of the top state and city Democrats, won 43 percent of the vote to Fattah’s 36 percent. Three other challengers split the remaining votes.

Voters elected Fattah to Congress in 1995, and he never faced a challenger while in office. That began to change in June when the feds charged him in a 29-count indictment, citing racketeering, conspiracy, bribery and wire fraud http://www.northstarnewstoday.com/politics/fattah-proclaims-not-guilty-and-peebles-takes-reins-at-black-caucus-foundation/

Following his indictment, Fattah resigned as chairman of the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation, the non-profit arm of the 45-member Congressional Black Caucus. Two of its members are non-voting delegates.

The Foundation hosts the Annual Legislative Conference each year in Washington D.C.,  where the Foundation is based. It will host an Economic  Summit in Berkeley, Calif. May 5th and 6th.



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