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Boston: Gentrification Hits Elders on Housing Costs

  By Sandra Larson Bay State Banner/New America Media BOSTON–Boston’s South End is cited nationwide as a textbook example of gentrification, and the city’s Chinatown neighborhood is struggling for its very Chinese-ness as luxury towers proliferate there. In other Boston neighborhoods, residents and policymakers grapple with various stages of transformation, harboring hope there’s still time to slow things down, or[Read More…]


Head of U.S. Black Chambers Supports Trans-Pacific Partnership

  Critics say an agreement could cause a further loss of manufacturing jobs, hurting black-male workers By Frederick H. Lowe Ron Busby, Sr., president of The U.S. Black Chambers Inc., which calls itself the National Voice of Black Business, has given his support to the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), which critics led by U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts and other[Read More…]