Stacey Abrams calls on Black men to vote for her

Governor Stacy Abrams speaking on the mic

Stacey Abrams, who is running to become the first Black woman governor of Georgia, has appealed to Black men to put her campaign over the top and place her into the Statehouse on November 8th. “If Black men vote for me, I will win Georgia,” Abrams said during an event titled “Stacey and Fellas.” Abrams,…

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Black general gets his fourth star

A close-up shot of the black general

Lt. General Michael E. Langley is expected to become the highest-ranking Black officer in the 246-year history of the U.S. Marine Corps. Lt. General Langley was confirmed by the Senate Armed Services Committee on Tuesday. His nomination will be sent to the full Senate for a vote, which may occur before the August recess, said…

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Pentagon will open an office dedicated to studying UFOs

A close-up shot of the light fixed to the dome

The Pentagon will officially open an office to expand the search for unidentified flying objects or (UFOs) as officials imply there will be a major announcement concerning unidentified aerial phenomena (UAP). The U.S. government has taken a renewed interest in UFOs over the past several years, following the 2017 leak of three now-infamous video clips…

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Newark is getting ready for its movie close up

A close-up shot of the people sitting outdoor at stage 6

Newark, N.J., Mayor Ras J. Baraka recently announced that the city will be home to a major studio in order to take advantage of the growth in video steaming in addition to producing films for major studios. Lionsgate, which owns Starz, will partner with Great Point Studios, to build a $125 million studio on 12…

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