A collage of four different people with one person wearing a hoodie.

Six men have now been arrested in Alabama for four murders Police initially arrested two teenage brothers and charged them with killing four people at a Sweet Sixteen Party in Dadeville, Alabama. Four other young men have subsequently been arrested and charged in the mass shootings well. The two initially arrested are Ty Reik McCullough,…

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Four members of the African People’s Party and the Black Hammer Party have been arrested for collaborating with Russia

A red gear with a hammer and wrench on it.

Four members of the Africa People’s Socialist Party and the Black Hammer Party have been arrested and charged with aiding Russia. The activists are Omali Yeshitela, the founder of the People Socialist Party, Penny Hess, Jesse Nevel, and Augustus Romain Jr.  Roman, also known as Gazi Kodzo, founder of the Black Hammer. The Black Hammer Party…

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Congressman Jim Jordan will hold a hearing attacking Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg about crime in New York City

Two men are side by side with one of them looking angry.

Congressman Jim Jordan, Republican of Ohio, is scheduled to hold a hearing Monday in New York City concerning what he calls Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s anti-crime policies, which he claims have led to increased violent crime for New York City’s residents. In reality, however, there has been a drop year-over-year in crime in the Big Apple. The…

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Black man honored for Leadership in Australia Gold Rush

A woman in front of an american flag.

Caroline Kennedy, the U.S. Ambassador to Australia, recently recognized John Joseph, a Black man from the United States who moved to Australia, and later became an American gold miner and a leader of the 1854 Eureka Rebellion at Ballarat, Australia, during the Victorian gold rush.  Other than extensive fields of California, the gold output from Victoria was…

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