Four members of the African People’s Party and the Black Hammer Party have been arrested for collaborating with Russia

Four members of the Africa People’s Socialist Party and the Black Hammer Party have been arrested and charged with aiding Russia.

The activists are Omali Yeshitela, the founder of the People Socialist Party, Penny Hess, Jesse Nevel, and Augustus Romain Jr.  Roman, also known as Gazi Kodzo, founder of the Black Hammer.

The Black Hammer Party was founded in Atlanta, Georgia, in 2019 by ex-members of the African People’s Socialist Party, which rose following demonstrations in response to the police murder of George Floyd. The People’s Socialist Party is a pan-Africanist political party working toward reparation. It is based in Florida and Kentucky.

In a superseding indictment from a federal grand jury in Tampa, Florida, Moscow resident Aleksandr Viktorovich and Russian Federal Security officers Aleksey Borisovich Sukhodolov and Yegor Sergeyevich Popov were charged. Additional charges were brought against Russian national Natalia Burlinova, who “allegedly sought to recruit U.S. academics and researchers to travel to Russia.â€