Judge rules against survivors of the Tulsa Massacre

A man and woman are sitting in front of each other.

An Oklahoma judge rejected demands for reparations resulting from the 1920 Tulsa Massacre in which more than 300 Blacks were killed, and hundreds were left homeless following an attack led by Whites of the Greenwood Neighborhood, also known as Black Wall Street. The lawsuit was brought by a Black man and two Black Women over…

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An oversight office is investigating sexual abuse allegations by Chicago police of a migrant woman temporarily living in a police station

A chicago police officer is wearing his uniform.

The Chicago Office of Civilian Office Police Accountability (COPA) has launched an investigation of 10 district police officers who may have allegedly sexually abused a migrant woman living temporarily in the police station. Sexual misconduct investigators may involve criminal actions and require cooperation with CPD and require the cooperation of the CPD (Chicago Police Department)…

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Chicago Torture Justice raises money to open

A man with a beard and suit jacket

The Chicago Torture Justice Memorial Foundation has $1.8 million from a Mellon Foundation Grant and a $1.25 million grant from the city to fully fund (Jon) Burge torture survivors memorial. The Chicago Torture Justice Center was born out of reparations for survivors of police torture. Under the command of Chicago Police Department (CPD) Commander Jon Burge,…

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Black student arrests at Harvard are at a three-year high

A person walking their dog in front of an old building.

After the U.S. Supreme Court ruling outlawing affirmative action, Harvard University police will have fewer opportunities to stop and arrest Black students. Harvard is considered the citadel of higher education, but mirrors most of the nation’s cities where police arrest many more Blacks than Whites. That Harvard’s police department is headed by an African American…

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Supreme Court strikes down affirmative action

A group of people in black robes sitting on top of a red curtain.

The U.S. Supreme Court today eliminated race-conscious admissions, or affirmative action, in selecting students for college admissions.  The ruling was hailed by former President Donald Trump, who packed the Court with conservatives, setting in motion today’s decision. President George H.W. Bush also aided and abetted ultra-conservative court decisions by appointing Justice Clarence Thomas to the…

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