Chicago’s mayoral election is tomorrow

A group of people in suits and ties.

Voters in Chicago will go to the polls Tuesday to either re-elect Mayor Lori Lightfoot or select from eight other candidates who want to replace her. The candidates are: Jesus “Chuy†Garcia, Brandon Johnson, Paul Vallas, Willie Wilson, Ja’Mal Green, Kam Buckner, Roderick Sawyer, Sophia King, and Lightfoot.

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Blacks are audited at twice the rate of other people

A man and boy sitting on the beach

Black men who are raising their children alone are more likely to be audited by the Internal Revenue Service if they use the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC), compared with married couples of another race who also use EITC, according to a study conducted by the Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research. The EITC supports…

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The Joint Center is angry that Blacks and People of Color are not getting many jobs in the new Congress

A logo of the joint center for political and economic studies.

The Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies, a Washington D.C. think tank for Black-elected officials, is pissed off that only 5.1 percent of Blacks and 17.9 percent of people of color are hired for the nation’s top jobs in the 118th Congress, which began meeting January 3, 2023. Top staff positions include chiefs of staff,…

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Newspapers kicked the cartoon “Dibert” to the curb after calling “Blacks a hate group” and saying they are “lazy”

A man holding up a large picture of beaker.

The comic strip “Dibert†has been dropped by 77 newspapers and counting around the country because of the racist comments by its creator, including calling Blacks a hate group. Scott Adams called Black Americans a “hate group”. He said White Americans “get the hell away from Black people” in response to a conservative organization’s poll…

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Chicago Bears are moving to the burbs

A bear head with the chicago bears logo.

The Chicago Bears are moving to suburbia, where they could be called the Arlington Heights Bears. The team’s management announced Thursday that it was moving to to the surburbs, where they have plans to build a glitzy new stadium. Last fall, we released an open letter confirming the team had agreed to acquire 36 acres…

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More earthquakes strike Turkey and Syria

A group of people standing around in the street.

A shallow magnitude 6.4 earthquake struck the Turkey-Syria border region after it was devastated earlier this month by temblors that killed tens of thousands of people. The quake hit the town of Defne at 8:04 pm and was strongly felt in the cities of Antakya and Adana, 200km (300 miles) to the north, according to…

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Smokey Robinson turns 83

A man in red and black jacket standing next to brown wall.

William “Smokey” Robinson recently celebrated his 83rd birthday. He was born on February 19, 1940.  He founded the “Miracles” and later became vice president of Motown, which launched his career. He also lived next door to Aretha Franklin.

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Governor Ron De Santis to speak to Illinois cops 

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Florida Governor Ron DeSantis will speak Monday in Elmhurst to “Law and Order Illinois†to members of Chicago Lodge 7 of the Fraternal Orders of Police, which backs Paul Vallas for mayor of Chicago. The event in suburban Chicago is being promoted but not hosted by Lodge 7—the meeting is only for members of law…

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