Former Minneapolis cop Derek Chauvin is stabbed in prison

A man in an orange shirt is shown in two different photos.

Derek Chauvin, a former Minneapolis cop who murdered George Floyd in 2002, is now serving time in a Tucson, Arizona, federal prison, has been stabbed 22 times by another inmate, but Chauvin is expected to live. John Turscak, a member of the Mexican Mafia, has been charged with the attempted murder of Chauvin. Turscak fashioned…

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Rapper pushes for an end to the Hamas-Israeli war

A man with dreadlocks standing in front of a building.

Rapper pushes for an end to the Hamas-Israeli war Redveil, a U.S. rapper, displayed the names of the Palestinian children killed during the Hamas-Israeli war since fighting began on October 7 during a rap/music concert in Los Angeles. The war paused for four days and resumed with full force Friday. The rapper, whose real name…

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Akron cops shot an unarmed Black man 43 times…. So what?

A woman holding up a sign with a picture of a man.

Cops who killed an unarmed 25-year-old Black man by shooting him 43 times last June in Akron, Ohio, did not violate the law, even after the medical examiner’s office ruled the murder was a homicide. Steve Mylett, the Akron chief of police, found that the officer’s actions during the fatal encounter were “objectively reasonable.† His…

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Rev. Paula E. Clark leads the Episcopal Diocese of Chicago

A man in white clothes and red shoes standing inside of a church.

Wearing dreadlocks under her miter, the Rt. Rev. Paula E. Clark is the first Black person and the first Black woman named the 30th bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Chicago.  She represents 30,000 Episcopalians in 122 congregations across northern and west central Illinois. The election to her post was conducted over Zoom by four…

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FDA approves treatment for sickle cell disease

A woman sitting on the bed with her hand under her chin.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has approved two treatments for sickle cell disease that the medical community ignored because most of the patients are Black and because there was little money for treatment. Sickle cell is an inherited blood disorder affecting more than 100,000 in the U.S. Most of those afflicted are African American…

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Gay hangs on

A woman standing in front of some rocks.

The Harvard Alumni Association threw its support behind President Claudine Gay, but we will have to wait until Tuesday when The Harvard Corp. announces its decision. The decision concerning Gay follows Liz Magill, president of the University of Pennsylvania, and Scott Bok, Board of Trustees president, to resign following comments Magill made by a House…

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