Alien bases are located near U.S. cities, according to a newspaper report

The Irish Star newspaper reports that alien bases are hidden underwater near U.S. cities.

Alien bases may be hidden underwater off the coast of a major U.S. state based on eyewitness reports, a UFO network claims. 

The alien sites are believed to be concealed near Alaska, according to the Mutual UFO Network, reports the Star.

The organization reported UFO sightings and has made allegations based on old eyewitness reports from crew members of a ship in 1945. 

The group is comprised of civilian volunteers and members, researchers, and enthusiasts who believe that the deep water is housing the sites, the Star reports.T

The first-ever unclassified U.S. intelligence report on UAPs or UFOs was released in June 2021, and detailed 144 incidents — only one of which could be explained.