Rapper pushes for an end to the Hamas-Israeli war

Rapper pushes for an end to the Hamas-Israeli war

Redveil, a U.S. rapper, displayed the names of the Palestinian children killed during the Hamas-Israeli war since fighting began on October 7 during a rap/music concert in Los Angeles. The war paused for four days and resumed with full force Friday.

The rapper, whose real name is Marcus Morton, described the set as “the most important of his life.â€

While performing at Dodger Stadium in California, the rapper could be heard saying: “Behind me is a list of names of Palestinians who [have been] killed in Gaza since October 7. Nobody on this f***ing list made it to the age of four, not one,” he continued.

Soon after, Redveil called for a ceasefire in the besieged and bombed territory while urging the festival’s attendees to do the same by calling their local representatives in the U.S. Congress and by visiting the ceasefiretoday.com


Although he was in California, some attendees wore “I love rap” t-shirts at the concert in Israel.

The fighting has paused, and more American hostages have been released. 

About 3,500 young people attended the Supernova music festival in Isreal, which became one of the first targets of Hamas gunmen who breached Gaza’s border fence early on Saturday from Gaza. The White news media in America depicted it as a music festival, failing to mention rap performances were featured.

One user lauded him for “choosing to do something that could jeopardize a major career moment,” as a significant number of US celebrities have either sided with Israel or given neutral statements regarding its indiscriminate war on Gaza.

Over the past five weeks, Israel has waged a vicious military campaign in the territory, targeting hospitals, schools, and residential buildings and killing over 11,451 Palestinians, including more than 6,000 children, according to the Al Jazeera website.